The Olive Trust was set up in 2011 to actively, promote social inclusion, environmental concerns, health and wellbeing along with anti-discrimination education, equality and diversity.

We have completed a number of projects within the community that include:

Holocaust Memorial Days. - Watch on our Facebook page:

Hate Crime projects

Discrimination projects


Diabetes workshops and networks during Covid 19

Fresh food and recipes to Pembrey and Burry Port Food Bank


Recent reports suggest those, that have to use food banks or on or below the poverty line are more prone to eating canned meats and dried goods without, the benefits of fresh food and vegetables that, contribute to ill health, an increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes and to Covid 19.

The Olive Trust wish to continue their good work in the community donating fresh fruit and vegetables weekly, to ensure healthier communities for all. We cannot continue this without considerable donations.

We are, also hoping to continue our Holocaust Memorial Days where, in 2020 we featured on S4C. For 2020 we are unable to have the community event we are used to due to Covid 19 and will be holding an online virtual Memorial. For this, we also would welcome any funding.


Thank you to those who have contributed so far, including the Covid 19 Community Fund.


Denise Kingsley-Jones

Founder and CEO OF The Olive Trust, Wales

Colorful Food
Rock Maze
Yoga by the Ocean
Yoga Mats
Healthy Fruit Salad
Running Shoes

Olive Trust Food Bags

The Olive Trust, Wales

are putting surplus food parcels together, containing fresh fruit and vegetables that, can contribute to healthier diets and create healthier communities.

We are also, compiling recipes to go with the parcels, such as lamb broth, apple crumble, casseroles and lots more in order, to add fresh food to the food bank.


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