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At Pantri Box

At the Pantri box, I have been in once before and thought I would try it again, my sugars are behaving and I feel like a coffee and one of their mega sandwiches.

It's rustic and the kind of place I can pop into on my own, write my blog and just take a bit of time out. What is more it is around the corner from my son's school and this is his first day back after being unwell. He is still coughing and sneezing and I don't like to drop him at school like that but he feels he can cope. I will just wait around the corner for a while, in case.

Living with Type 1 diabetes is hard, I have tried all sorts of healing foods and diets but nothing works. So, when my sugars behave I can, have more carbs, so to speak. I can see an artificial pancreas has come out in the US, nothing in the UK and I still haven't managed to get approved for a pump. It's slow and I am seeing the Consultant soon, after a 3 year hiatus.

Yesterday's Hungarian mushroom soup was a dream and I will post the recipe at some point or perhaps keep it for my book. I try to be as natural as possible with the food we eat. I used to be vegetarian, then vegan, even running a restaurant for a while but it proved difficult to be sustainable. I would like to have one again one day but would provide food that is healthy for the masses, rather than solely vegan or vegetarian.

Our place had natural therapies happening and a space for community groups, a shop and restaurant. I would like to have one again and then, there are loose herbs, grains, refillable shampoos and conditioners and so on where, the community can pop in to refill plastics etc.

it's a great idea in theory and a similar shop used to exist along this Welsh coast but again sustainability was hard for the owner who gave it up. It's hard having a business and keeping afloat being reliant on your loyal customer base.

Coco and Luna is building and we are adding new products yet to come. I have been busy sourcing natural, sustainable products to turn into an ethical, local business. Of course, I have been doing what I do for many years, making candles, products and other delights. My hug boxes were a hit and these will be available again soon. Happy Wednesday and whatever you are doing today, take a moment for yourself to think. Even if it only a minute when boiling the kettle or pouring a coffee. Just breathe, you got this!

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